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March 18, 2016 The Hoot (Brandeis community newspaper) Sneak peak of upcoming event showcases traditional Korean music
March 8, 2016 The Justice Slosberg exhibition highlights Korean culture
February 26, 2016 The Hoot (Brandeis community newspaper) Contemporary Korean Art Dazzles in on Campus Exhibit
November 6, 2015 The Hoot (Brandeis community newspaper) 'Home Within’ captivates audience with artistic harmony
November 3, 2015 The Justice Azmeh’s residency features audio-visual “Home Within”


March 13, 2015 The Hoot (Brandeis community newspaper) MusicUnitesUs brings Fargana Qasimova & Ensemble to Brandeis
March 10, 2015 The Justice Azerbaijani artist-in-residence performs


March 21, 2014 The Hoot (Brandeis community newspaper) Korean art diversifies campus
March 18, 2014 The Justice Performance delivers traditional Korean culture
March 4, 2014 The Justice Trio da Kali highlights musical traditions
March 4, 2014 The Justice World music program expands through residency
November 26, 2013 The Justice MusicUnitesUS presents traditional Chinese music


March 4, 2013 The Justice Arab tunes entrance listeners
October 23, 2012 The Justice Tango quartet performs with flare and rhythm


March 12, 2012 The Justice Raga links Indian and Afghan traditions
March 09, 2012 The Hoot (Brandeis community newspaper) Raga musicians: a rare and valuable treat
March 07, 2012 The Boston Globe Raga concert explores ties between Indian and Afghan music
March 05, 2012 The Justice Visiting musicians will share the tradition of raga with the community
March 05, 2012 Brandeis NOW Virtuosos of raga to mingle Indian, Afghan traditions
October 31 , 2011 The Justice Vivid “Encounters” with Indian dance


March 15, 2011 The Justice Palestinian virtuoso inspires with Arabic music
March 9, 2011 Global Brandeis 2.0 Modern Traditions: South Korean Visiting Musicians and Open Class
March 8, 2011 The Justice South Korea spreads its culture through music
October 19, 2010 The Justice Touré's African beats enchant listeners
October 12, 2010 The Justice World music to grace Brandeis
October 12, 2010 The Justice Touré arrives with Africa's fiery beats


March 2, 2010 The Boston Globe From Azerbaijan to Waltham, with soul
March 2, 2010 The Justice Azerbaijani spiritual singers visit campus
October 30 , 2009 The Hoot (Brandeis community newspaper) Obbini Tumbao shakes up Brandeis with Latin grooves
October 20 , 2009 The Justice Obbini Tumbao to take up residency this week


March 26, 2009 The Hoot (Brandeis community newspaper) Nettle ushers in a brave “nu” world of music
March 24, 2009 The Justice Nettle chafes at traditions
March 23, 2009 The Bostonist Review: Nettle at Slosberg Music Center, 3/21
October 21 , 2008 The Justice Music Department and Mudgal bring India to Brandeis
October 17 , 2008 The Daily News-Tribune Sampling of India


April 1, 2008 The Justice Chen and Zhao bring a taste of China for "Chinese Modulations"
April 1, 2008 The Justice Orphan of Zhao mystifies
Mar 28, 2008 The Daily News-Tribune Good vibrations: Brandeis concert explores Chinese music
February 29, 2008 The Hoot (Brandeis community newspaper) From the page to the stage: MusicUnitesUS with the Waltham community
February 17, 2008 The Daily News-Tribune Music and Harmony
October 23, 2007 The Justice Brazil comes to Brandeis


March 8, 2007 Brandeis Television (BTV) Amazones movie [External link, .MOV format]
March 4, 2007 The Daily News-Tribune Musicians shunned by their families
March 4, 2007 The Daily News-Tribune Rhythm of Africa
March 1, 2007 The Boston Globe Drumming for a new way of life
February 2007 The Brandeis Reporter Guinean drummers to offer 'heavenly outpouring'
February 7, 2007 The Daily News-Tribune Quartet strings stories of travels
October 25, 2006 The Daily News-Tribune Diverse vibes
October 17, 2006 The Justice When the going gets tough, Iranian women pick up their pens
September 17, 2006 All About Jazz Review: The Wind by Kayhan Kalhor


February 13, 2006 The Daily New-Tribune Singing a song of social injustice
February 7, 2006 The Justice Sol y Canto: A Tradition of Protest and Memorial
December 2, 2005 The Daily New-Tribune An aesthetic journey through history
November 8, 2005 The Brandeis Reporter (untitled)
October 24, 2005 The Daily News-Tribune An "Oud" to peace
October 21, 2005 The Jewish Journal A Lesson in Harmony: Peace Through Music
October 18, 2005 The Justice Crossing borders with music


March 15, 2005 The Justice Grammy-winning Perú Negro gets crowd groovin'
November 2, 2004 The Brandeis Reporter MusicUnitesUS combines Brandeis professors, music educators, and Waltham public school children in perfect harmony
October 26, 2004 The Justice Orchid Ensemble takes its audience on a musical world tour
October 24, 2004 The Boston Sunday Globe Music gives students a window on the world
October 18, 2004 The Daily News-Tribune Professor aims to make ties across cultures


October 29, 2003 The Daily News-Tribune Music to their ears
October 23, 2003 GlobeWest Brandeis hosts concert for Waltham students
October 19, 2003 Press Release New music program at Brandeis aims to enrich Waltham public school curricula