Intercultural Residency Series

The Intercultural Residency Series (ICRS) brings to Brandeis University artists of high accomplishment from around the world. The goal of these residencies is to deepen understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures through exploring artistic traditions, promoting intellectual inquiry, and encouraging cultural

Archived Schedules:

Spring, 2018: An Evening in Java

Fall, 2017: Castle of our Skins

Spring, 2017: The PAN Project

Fall, 2016: From India: Rhythms of Life

Spring, 2016: Korean Gugak – Soundscapes of the Soul

Fall, 2015: From Syria: Home Within

Spring, 2015: Fargana Qasimova: Sounds from Azerbaijan

Fall, 2014: Conference of the Birds

Spring, 2013: New Sounds from Arab Lands

Fall, 2012:  Pablo Ziegler and His Classical Tango Quartet

Spring 2012 - Raga from Afghanistan and North India

Fall 2011 - Navarasa Dance Theatre

Spring 2011 - Simon Shaheen:  Heritage Without Boundaries

Fall 2010 - Lamine Touré and Group Saloum: Bàkk to the Future

Spring 2010 - Alim and Fargana Qasimov: Spiritual Music of Azerbaijan

Fall 2009 - Obbini Tumbao: Afro-Cuban Rhythms

Spring 2009 - NETTLE: Music for a Nu World

Fall 2008 - Shubha Mudgal: Passageways of the Soul

Spring 2008 - Chinese Modulations: Jiebing Chen and Yangqin Zhao

Fall 2007 - Ologundê: An Afro-Brazilian Journey in Music and Dance

Spring 2007 - Amazones, Women Master Drummers from Guinea

Fall 2006 - Kayhan Kalhor and Erdal Erzinçan