World Music Concert Series

The World Music Series presents musicians of international stature representing diverse cultures in a series of public concerts at Brandeis University. In the intimate setting of Slosberg Recital Hall, each concert invites the audience to experience the history, cultural memories - indeed, the heart and soul of a people through the autobiographical narrative of music.

Brandeis Tickets
Tickets for the World Music Concert are $20 for the general public, $15 for the Brandeis community and $5 for students. For more ticket information, call 781-736-3331
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Conference of the Birds
Resident Theater Artist: Hafiz Karmali

International Theater Artist, Hafiz Karmali will be on campus for the fall semester to direct the Brandeis Theater Company’s production of Conference of the Birds, Nov. 20-23. In addition to his work in the production, Karmali will visit classes and lead discussions about his work in the theater, and the intersection of the arts and social transformation. See fall schedule for details.

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Brandeis Theater Company and MusicUnitesUS present:

The Conference of the Birds
By Peter Brook and Jean-Claude Carrière
Based on the poem by Farid ud-Din Attar
Directed by Hafiz Karmali

One day, all the birds of the world gather for a great conference. They declare their realm is in chaos and set out on a journey to seek their king, the Simorgh, a beautiful and benevolent bird of Persian myth. Their voyage through the desert and valleys is laced with riddles and parables, deep spiritual questions and great temptations.

International theater artist, Hafiz Karmali, directs this epic mystical fable. After pursuing his M.F.A. at Carnegie-Mellon University, Mr. Karmali apprenticed at the American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge, MA where he assisted Robert Wilson and Andrei Serban. His directing credits include Rumi x 7, a circus style presentation of the famous Sufi poet’s tales.


Fargana Qasimova: Sounds from Azerbaijan

Residency (March 3-7) includes classes, workshops, outreach and final concert.

World Music Concert: Fargana Qasimova and Ensemble
Saturday, March 7, 2015
8:00 in Slosberg Recital Hall
Preconcert talk at 7:00 pm


In partnership with the Aga Khan Music Initiative, MusicUnitesUS presents a weeklong residency with Azerbaijani vocalist Fargana Qasimova. Ms. Qasimova visited the Brandeis campus in an earlier MUUS residency with her father, the renowned vocalist Alim Qasimov. We wanted a chance to hear more from Fargana, and are thrilled to welcome Fargana and her ensemble back for a residency. Join the Brandeis community in a series of events: informal open classes, workshops, and performances with the visiting artists. See the Spring Schedule for details.

Fargana Qasimova
Qasimova Ensemble: Concert sample 1
Qasimova Ensemble: Concert sample 2

For Fargana Qasimova, the passionate lyrics of
Azerbaijani mugham and spirited songs of the bardic
ashiq tradition provided the soundscape of her
childhood. Now a consummate vocalist in her own
right, Fargana has developed her own distinctive
style that builds on the formidable artistic legacy
bequeathed to her by her father, the renowned
musician Alim Qasimov. Accompanied by the same
quartet of young musicians as her father, Fargana
offers a brilliant example of tradition-based music
performed with a contemporary sensibility.

Fargana Qasimova’s talent gravitated naturally toward the music she heard from her father: Azerbaijani classical music, known as mugham, and the repertory of popular bardic songs sung by ashiqs - singer-songwriters who accompany themselves on the saz (a strummed long-necked lute). “There was never any question about my being given to a teacher,” Fargana recalled. “Music was always just a part of everyday life - I sang with my father for fun, and it was only when I was around seventeen years old that I seriously understood that I’d be a musician.”